Wireless remote control from your smartphone with the ADLER SmartBox.
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Clearing and spreading in one operation

12 volt snow blades and salt spreaders for winter service

Combine a snow plow at the front and a salt spreader 12 volt at the rear of your carrier vehicle and clear and spread in one operation. ADLER attachments fit all common municipal and agricultural carrier vehicles. Are you looking for a powerful snow shovel for your wheel loader? Nothing easier than that. Simply equip the wheel loader or your tractor with one of our robust ADLER snow plows using the universal mounting system. We use 5 mm or 6 mm thick sheet steel for the snow blades. This makes them extremely robust and resistant. Icing-free spring flaps ensure trouble-free work. At the same time, the electric salt spreader can be conveniently controlled from the driver’s seat. The rotation speed of the plate and the amount of application can be precisely dosed via smartphone so that the salt is applied with pinpoint accuracy. In this way, roads and access roads are cleared and de-iced quickly and safely.

  • Snow Blade S-Series

    ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen S-Series snow blade.

    With the ADLER snow plow of the S series you are well prepared for winter service – for many years. The material and construction guarantee excellent clearing results even under the toughest weather conditions.


  • Snow Blade V-Series

    ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen V series snow blade.

    With variable pivoting options – 30° to the right and left, as well as in a V and Y shape – the ADLER Vario snow blade supports you when clearing snow, even in difficult situations.


  • Salt Spreader ST-E

    Salt spreader ST-E from ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.

    The ST-E electric salt spreader with a 12-volt gear motor is equipped with a 120 or 200 liter plastic storage container and a stable frame. Rotational speed and quantity application can be conveniently controlled from the driver’s seat.


Control from the smartphone via Bluetooth

The smartphone for controlling the rotation speed and quantity application is included in the scope of delivery. Optionally, the electric salt spreader can be expanded with a GPS-controlled, speed-dependent quantity regulation. This version also includes proof of scattering. The salt spreader runs on 12 volts, making it ideal for vehicles that have little or no hydraulic power. With the electric 12 V spreader, you can even use small tractors in winter service that were previously unsuitable for this. The control works via Bluetooth connection. This means that the complex control cable routing is no longer necessary. A well thought-out and flexible solution for converting all types of carrier vehicles into salt spreaders for winter service.

Clear snow with ADLER snow blades

Every year, winter poses enormous challenges for private companies, but also for municipalities. Because they have to comply with the legally prescribed traffic safety obligations and make roads, paths and company premises usable to a “reasonable extent” without risk during the “normal traffic hours” from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. With attachments from Adler, you don’t have to have a special fleet for this winter job, but can react flexibly. We offer the right snow plow for almost any carrier vehicle. The available working widths range from 135 cm to an impressive 330 cm. With a height of up to 115 cm, you can really clean up!

For whom are ADLER salt spreaders and snow blades for winter service suitable?

  • Municipalities and municipal companies
  • Gardening and landscaping companies
  • Farmers
  • Anyone responsible for the traffic safety of roads and squares.

Winter service

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