All-rounder mounted sweeper K560 with spray protection shield from ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen in Nordwalde.
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The perfect cleaning solution for your municipality

Sweeper K 560

Clear streets and public places easily from dirt, fallen leaves or snow. The ADLER K 560 is the economical choice for municipal use, horticulture or landscape gardening and service providers in the property management sector. Thanks to its lightweight construction, this mechanically driven sweeper (which is also optionally available with hydraulic drive) is perfect for mounting on municipal tractors and small carrier vehicles.

The ADLER K 560’s equipment can be adapted to differing uses and requirements as necessary by choosing from our individual options. With a working width of 1.80 m and an area performance of over 14,000 m²/h, you’ll find your city’s streets look brand new when they have been cleaned with this lightweight sweeper.

The user-friendly handling is evident in the easy sweeper roller adjustment. The brush speed and direction as well as the transmission position can also be adjusted perfectly to your carrier vehicle, thus allowing greater flexibility.

Whether you’re sweeping dust, litter or fallen leaves, the K 560 provides optimum performance. Thanks to the large angle of breakage in the machine frame, it’s also perfect for clearing snow – a great help all year round!

General view of the mounted sweeper K 560.
General view of the mounted sweeper K 560.
Winter service with the K560 sweeper from ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen combined with the ST-E salt spreader - clearing and spreading in one operation.
K 560 sweeper in winter service.
Sweeper K560 from ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen in free sweeping mode.
K 560 sweeper in free sweeping mode.
Sweeper K560 from ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen with splash guard.
Sweeper K 560 with splash guard.
The K 560 sweeper is mechanically driven.
The K 560 sweeper is mechanically driven.
Side brush of the K560 sweeper from ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.
The side brush of the sweeper K 560.
Sweeper K560 from ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.
Detail of the mounted sweeper K 560.

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Broschüre Kehrmaschine K 560
Size: 416 kB


  • Optimal for mounting on municipal tractors and small carrier vehicles
  • Mechanically/optionally hydraulically operated sweeper ideal for municipal vehicles and tractors
  • Ø 560 mm universal sweeper roller long service life and especially good performance during winter service
  • Easy sweeper roller adjustment no inconvenient adjustment via the support wheels
  • Low net weight also suitable for smaller municipal vehicles
  • Extremely robust design designed to withstand the wear and tear of tough municipal work


  • Hydraulic swivel mechanism for flexible simple sweeping
  • Large capacity hopper with wear-resistant sweep edge, third support wheel and hydraulic emptying system as a standard feature with simple sweeping mode
  • Water injection system (120 l) for dust control during sweeping (water tank mounted on rear of vehicle)
  • Large rotary side brushes for sweeping edges, perfect for sweeping gutters (hydraulically driven)
  • Reinforced heavy-duty swivel castor Ø 200 mm x 50 mm
  • Splash guard mechanically height-adjustable
  • Side marker lights, LED, 12/24 V
  • Customised colour as per RAL colour chart (standard: RAL 2002)

Technical specifications

ADLER-Sweeper K 560135150180
Working width straight / angled (cm)135/128150/143180/171
Total width (cm)151166196
Brush diameter (mm)560560560
Brush speed(rpm)540 – 2.200540 – 2.200540 – 2.200
Weight, including mount/hopper (kg)190/243205/261235/296
Hopper capacity (litres)128142173
Area performance (m²/h)10.80012.00014.400

Sweeper K 560

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