Attached weed brush W series from ADLER work machines with remote control.
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When you need to quickly remove weeds from large areas

Weed Brush Attachment W-series

• High-performance, hydraulically driven weed brush with brush 800 mm in diameter • Perfect for clearing large areas of weeds quickly • Universal attachment for all standard carrier vehicles • Available as a basic or professional machine with many hydraulic functions and radio remote control

Quickly remove weeds from large areas
Thanks to the large brush diameter, the hydraulic swivel arm and the various adjustment options, paved areas in particular can be quickly cleared of weeds.

Depending on the sensitivity of the floor covering and the type of wild herbs, you can choose between different brush variants:

  • flat wire (ideal for mosses)
  • Wire braids (ideal for dense vegetation and stubborn weeds)
  • large radial broom for “cleaning up afterwards”
W-Serie Anbauwildkrautbürste mit Funkfernbedieneinheit.

W series mounted weed brush.
Remote control weed brush.
W series mounted weed brush.
Hydraulically driven, mechanical adjustment.
W-series mounted weed brush on the Kubota.
Surface cleaning made easy.
Height-adjustable support wheel.
Mechanical adjustments on request.
W series mounted weed brush.
Different brush trimmings selectable.

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Broschüre Anbau-Wildkrautbürste W-Serie
Size: 1.4 MB


  • Powerful, hydraulically driven
  • Weed brush with a diameter of 800 mm
  • As a basic device or professional machine with
  • many hydraulic functions and
  • Radio remote control available
  • The ADLER weed brush packs a punch:
  • Large areas are quickly depleted
  • free of wild herbs.
  • Universal mounting for all common
  • carrier vehicles


  • Hydraulically adjustable swivel range
  • Hydraulically adjustable longitudinal and lateral inclination
  • 8-channel radio remote control 12 or 24 volts for fully hydraulic use of weed brush
  • Height-adjustable support wheel 200 mm x 80 mm
  • ¾” flow-control valve for hydraulic flow rates > 75 l/min.
  • Various brush attachments

Technical specifications

Equipment variants
based on the hydraulic connections available on the carrier vehicle

1 x double-acting
(snap-in function recommended)
2 x double-acting1 x double-acting
+ electric
switch valve 12 V
4 x double-acting
or 1 x double-acting
with radio remote control
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Weed Brush Attachment W-series

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