Wireless remote control from your smartphone with the ADLER SmartBox.
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ADLER SmartBox

Wireless remote control from your smartphone

Connected wirelessly…

With the ADLER SmartBox, you can conveniently control your electrical functions via Bluetooth using the ADLER app.
You can remotely control up to four consumers using the ADLER app. For example the water spray device on your sweeper, the hydraulic side pivoting on your snow blade or Rotation speed and spread rate for your salt spreader. The functions can be configured in the app according to your requirements.

Also for remote control of third-party products!

Simultaneously control several attachments electrically.
Also for remote control of third-party products!
ADLER Smartbox dimensions.
Startbildschirm der Smartphonesteuerung.
Freely programmable switch, button or timer.
ADLER SmartBox.

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  • Easy control of all implements via Bluetooth – also possible for products of other manufacturers
  • Saving of costs and time, because the laying of control cables is omitted
  • Damaged cables will no longer be a problem!
  • Easy programming of all functions in the pre-installed app
  • ADLER-SmartBox including Smartphone and ADLER-App for control via Bluetooth
  • (on option, also without Smartphone)
  • Up to four users can be connected in a SmartBox.
  • In the App all functions can be configured according to your requirements.
  • All users can be controlled as a switch-, feeler- or with time function.
  • 12- or 24 V feed pipe required

Supported by Interreg

Supported by Interreg Deutschland Nederland.

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ADLER SmartBox

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