Sweeper K560 from ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.
Sweeper K600 from ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.
Sweeper K750 from ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.
Sweeper K950 from ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.
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Sweepers from ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen –

This is how the professionals clean!

ADLER sweepers are ideal for all professional cleaning work. They clean, loosen and sweep even heavy soiling. You can thoroughly remove a wide variety of debris, such as leaves, sand, gravel or dust from the floor – like the professionals. The sweeper is used to clean areas in agriculture, commerce, industry, street cleaning, parking lots and even in the quarry. ADLER machines are modern and technically mature, right down to the special structure of the bristles. Due to the high-quality workmanship, even the smallest and most stubborn dirt particles are professionally removed in the shortest possible time. Our sweepers help to pick up a wide variety of dirt.

  • Sweeper K 450

    Die Kehrmaschine K 450 von ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen ist durch ihr geringes Eigengewicht perfekt für kleine Kommunaltraktoren, kleine Hoflader und Trägerfahrzeuge.

    The ADLER K 450 is our smallest sweeper that scores with its economy, with a focus on low working weight with high stability.


  • Sweeper K 560

    Sweeper K560 from ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.

    The sweeper K560 is suitable as a mounted sweeper for use in gardens, agriculture and in the field of property maintenance. Cleaning driveways and narrow roads is child’s play. The K560 can be individually retrofitted depending on the area of application.


  • Sweeper K 600

    Kehrmaschine K600 von ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.

    As a multifunctional sweeper, the K600 offers a large filling volume for an excellent cleaning result. The K600 can be retrofitted at any time with a scraper device, a water spray device or a side sweeping broom.


  • Sweeper K 750

    Sweeper K750 from ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen with side broom.

    The K750 sweeper is designed for the toughest applications when working in the countryside. The 750 mm sweeping roller diameter ensures particularly thorough cleaning even on uneven surfaces thanks to powerful drive. The machine can be mounted ex works on all common carrier vehicles.


  • Sweeper K 950

    Sweeper K950 from ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.

    The ADLER K 950 is one of the largest sweepers in Europe. The sweeping tank has a volume of up to 1,425 liters. The brush diameter is up to one meter. It is used wherever size is important, for example in quarries.


  • Sweeping Scoop KS 600 / 750

    Attachable dustpan KS 600-750 from ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.

    With the KS 600/750 mounted sweeper bucket and its enormous brush diameter, even the smallest slotted joints are cleaned of dirt down to the depth. The sweeper bucket is therefore used particularly often in road construction and street cleaning.


  • ADLER PowerPack

    ADLER PowerPack – more power for sweepers.

    As a multifunctional sweeper, the K600 offers a large filling volume for excellent cleaning results. The K600 can be retrofitted at any time with a scraping device, a water spray device or a side broom.


  • Scraper Attachment KV-series

    Scratching device KV series from Adler Arbeitsmaschinen.

    The KV Series scraper is recommended as an accessory for particularly stubborn road dirt, such as during harvesting or other field operations. The scraper is mounted in front of the tractor or wheel loader to loosen stuck dirt and quickly ensure a clean result.


Attachable sweepers for a stronger sweeping performance

ADLER sweepers and dustpans fit as sweeper attachments on all common carrier devices such as tractors, wheel loaders, yard loaders or forklifts. For this purpose, we have the right attachment system with sophisticated 3D leveling for all common wheel loaders, telehandlers, forklifts, tractors and small tractors. You can retrofit our models individually if you wish. Whether you need a side brush, water spray device or a dirt collection container with a large volume – appropriate coupling options for your vehicle and your special requirements are available.

Economical, user-friendly, flexible and reliable

An ADLER attachment sweeper is economical, user-friendly and can be customized with individual options depending on requirements. It is ideal for cleaning both large and small areas and for a wide variety of applications. Many clever technical details make daily work easier. Low wear and long service life ensure great economic value.

For Gardening and landscaping, municipalities, agriculture and service providers

You can use your sweeper in gardening and landscaping, in agriculture or in the municipal and service sector. When sweeping driveways and narrow footpaths as well as when cleaning marketplaces, parking lots or quarries. With the side broom you sweep up to the curb when cleaning the street. Thanks to the special brushes of the sweepers, better cleaning is also ensured when used in agriculture on an agricultural machine. In order to collect the waste, the mounted sweeper can be equipped with a waste container.

The advantages at a glance:

What our customers particularly like about ADLER sweepers:

  • Attention to detail: Very easy handling thanks to technical maturity
  • Long service life: Precise adjustment options ensure particularly low wear
  • Longevity: Excellent corrosion protection thanks to KTL and powder coating
  • Eco-friendly cleaning: Production and suppliers in the region, low transport volume
  • Efficiency: Strong sweeping performance and enormous area coverage
  • Robust and compact design: For example the large and robust support wheels
  • Thoroughness: Optimal sweeping results
  • Flexibility: Versatile use thanks to many accessories

Individually expandable

ADLER attachment sweepers can be expanded according to your wishes. Because you can retrofit them at any time with a wide variety of options. These include e.g. B. the dirt collection container with shaking function or the side broom, with which you can sweep gutters. If there is dust, you can easily and conveniently bind the dust that has been picked up with our water spray device. For very stubborn dirt, a scraper device is recommended, which can be used individually or together with a sweeper.

Remote control from the cabin

Use the ADLER Smartbox to control certain functions comfortably and easily directly from the cabin!

Sweepers, Sweeping Scoop & Co.

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