Drill rig B 75 by ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.
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Powerful, configurable drilling rig for well drilling,

geothermal drilling and dry drilling to a depth of 125 m

Our drill rigs are used for well drilling, geothermal drilling and geological exploration drilling. We can also provide you with solutions for almost all types of piling mode. The low weight and compact design enable you to reduce your investment costs to a minimum. Our technology is innovative, allowing you to achieve excellent performance with minimal effort. We can equip our B-series drill rigs with customised features to meet your requirements.

The powerful B-series compact Drill Rigs allow you to make drill holes even in locations which are difficult to access. With a transport width between 80 and 95 cm and a height of just 195 cm, these Drill Rigs will fit through standard doors, enabling you to access any building.

The standard chain chassis ensures that you reach your drilling location even on difficult terrain. Our small and compact Drill Rigs also ensure that you can travel to the site easily right from the start: All you need is a car trailer to transport them to the site.

Save Time! Quickly transported, short set-up times, Start work without delay Reduce costs! Maximum price-performance, low investment costs, easy maintenance Impress customers! Gentle on gardens, fits through standards doors

Drill rig B 75 by ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.
Drill rig B 75 by ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.
Drill rig B 75 by ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.
Drill rig B 75 by ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.
Drill rig B 75 by ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.
Drill rig B 75 by ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.
B series drilling rigs from ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.
Other drilling rigs on request


ADLER Drill Rig Range 2022
Size: 8.5 MB


  • Powerhouse with 75-diesel-PS and Deutz engine of the latest emission level 5
  • extremely compact drill for difficult tasks in a small space
  • individually configurable for well drilling, geothermal drilling, dry drilling and geological explorations
  • High flushing capacity of 120 m³/h at 8 bar via integrated pump
  • Down to 125 m


  • Well drilling
  • Geothermal drilling
  • Geological exploration drilling

Characteristics of B 75

Flush drillingDepth: 125 m / Diameter: 200 mm
Down-the-hole hammer drillingDepth: 100 m / Diameter: 155 mm
Dry drillingDepth: 30 m / Diameter: 219 mm
Hollow stem auger procedureDepth: 35 m / Diameter: 205 mm
Subsoil assessmentyes
Probing for unexploded bombsyes

Technical specifications

Drive unit (Deutz engine)4 Zyl. / 55 kW / 75 Hp diesel
Tank capacity45 l
ADLER-Crawler Undercarriage F 35Width: 835 mm – 1.235 mm (telescopable)
Support feet4 x hydraulic
Drill pipes2 m
Feed length2,3 m
Feed15 kN
Retraction force23 kN
Mast lowering 300 mmoptional
FeedsystemHydraulic motor with roller chain
hydraulic drill head with side flush head passageABK 800: 200 daNm / 80 rpm 2 1/2″
Drill driveMechanically swivelling (optionally hydraulic)
Hydraulic drill head with transmission (2-speed) clearance 2 1/2″1st gear (slow): 440 daNm / 50 U/min 2nd gear (fast): 220 daNm / 100 U/min Other speeds and torques possible
Mud pump120 m3/h – 8 bar
Lift clamp passage / Lifting force / strokeup to Ø 219 mm / 100 kN / 200 mm
Cable-crushing-lifting clamp Clamping force / stroke / lifting force / torqueup to Ø 219 mm 118 kN / 250 mm / 120 kN / 10,6 kNm
Offset drillingoptional
Winch hydraulic: traction / Rope length / Ø rope5 kN / 30 m / 6 mm (optional 10 kN / 75 m / 7 mm)
Mast extensionoptional
Cable remote control for travel driveyes
Cable remote control for driving and drillingoptional
Transport dimensions L / B / H4.750 / 880 / 2.200 mm (without protective device)
Weight of basic machine2,9 t

Drill rig B 75

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