Drill rig B 75 pro by ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.
Drill rig B 75 by ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.
Drill rig B 50 by ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.
Drill rig B 25 by ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.
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Compact, robust and highly efficient!

Drill rigs by ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.

Well drilling in the smallest of spaces with the smallest of costs: You can use our compact drilling rigs very efficiently for well construction, geothermal drilling and geological exploration. This opens up almost all areas of drilling operations for you.

  • Drill rig B 15

    Drilling rig B-15 from ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.

    Compact drilling rig for near-surface depths, light to medium-heavy soils. Optionally with integrated flushing pump as a well drilling device.


  • Drill rig B 25

    Drilling rig B-25 from ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.

    The powerful all-rounder drill rig B 25 offers many options and is excellently suited for a wide variety of drillings up to 50 m depth.


  • Drill rig B 25 SF

    Drilling rig B-25SF for screw foundations from ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.

    Very powerful screw-in drilling device for quick and easy screwing in of screw foundations. The self-propelled machine can be used flexibly in fence construction, in traffic and advertising technology, in photovoltaics, in urban, landscaping, hall and timber construction – even on difficult terrain.


  • Drill rig B 25 Uni

    Bohrgerät B 25 Uni von ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.

    This powerful and compact drilling rig is a real all-rounder. It is not only ideal for ram probing, ram core probing and other geological explorations. It also does a great job with flush drilling and dry drilling as well as with screwing in screw foundations.


  • Drill rig B 25 Electric

    Drilling rig B-25SF for screw foundations from ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.

    Our all-round drilling rig for well drilling, geological and ground investigations up to a depth of 50 m, now with electric drive.


  • Drill rig B 25 Lightning conductor

    Bohrgerät B 25 Blitzableiter.

    Impact device for earth rods with a diameter of 16 – 19 mm. The self-propelled machine makes groundings of up to 35 m possible, depending on the soil conditions – even in difficult terrain.


  • Drill rig B 25 Pile driver

    Bohrgerät B 25 Pfahlramme.

    This compact, versatile pile driver is ideal for tight spaces. It is characterized by a high ramming performance of up to 500 kg with a low operating weight. On the all-terrain, telescopic ADLER crawler chassis, the post driver can reach its place of use safely, even on difficult terrain, and ram steel posts or micro-posts…


  • Drill rig B 50

    Drilling rig B-50 from ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.

    Drilling rig from ADLER, powerful, easy to transport. Many possible uses and options. Ideal for drilling to a depth of 100 m.


  • Drill rig B 75

    Drilling rig B-75 from ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.

    Powerful yet extremely compact drilling rig for difficult tasks in confined spaces. Ideal for all types of drilling up to 125 m depth.


  • Drill rig B 75 pro

    Drilling rig B-75pro from ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen.

    Ideal for well drilling, geological exploration and dry drilling. The extremely high retraction force of 5 t, the extra strong mast design and the feed system via lifting cylinders make it possible.


  • Drill rig B 75 geo pro

    Bohrgerät B 75 geo pro

    This powerful, compact 8 ton machine is ideal for dry drilling with a casing rotary table. The quick changeover from dry drilling with a casing rotary table to suction drilling or flush drilling makes it flexible at the same time. Using the suction drilling method, it reaches a depth of 30 m with a diameter…


  • Attachment drill mast ABL

    The drill mount turns your excavator from 1.5 to 30t into a powerful drill.

    The B-series drilling rigs are characterised by a wide range of accessories and attachments. ADLER’s Attachable Drill Mount (ABL) was specially designed for mounting on the excavator and turns it quickly and easily into a cost-effective and powerful drilling rig.


Powerful drilling rigs for well drilling, geothermal drilling, geological exploration and exploratory drilling!

The powerful compact drilling rigs of the B-series enable you to drill holes even in hard-to-reach locations and in the smallest of spaces in narrow gardens. With a transport width of 80 cm to 95 cm and heights starting at only 195 cm, you can drive through every “room door” and thus reach all existing buildings. The standard crawler chassis ensures that your drilling rig reaches its drilling point safely, even on difficult terrain. In addition, you’ll have a pleasant journey to work with our small, compact well drilling rigs: Just drive to the site with a car and a trailer!

The advantages at a glance:

What our customers particularly like about ADLER drilling rigs:

  • You save time because the drilling rigs are quickly transported with a simple trailer up to 3.5 t approval (up to B 50) or a truck (from B 50).
  • You have short set-up times and can get started quickly
  • You have low investments and hardly any maintenance costs
  • You will impress your customers because the compact devices protect the garden, fit through every door and have a soundproofed motor
  • You can work safely because the drilling rigs have a protective device in the area of the rotating rods as standard
  • The drill rigs are highly corrosion-resistant thanks to cathodic dip painting followed by powder coating

ADLER drilling rigs are suitable for all areas of application

Flush drilling method

Flush drilling is no longer a big deal for you with the B-Series drilling rigs! The cuttings are removed quickly and with little effort. Water, enriched with mud additives depending on the condition of the soil, is circulated. The additives in the water increase the carrying capacity of the water and support the borehole wall. You can also reach a great depth with our B series without casing. Drilling depths of 150 m and diameters of up to 200 mm are possible!

Hollow auger method

Our drilling rigs are very well suited for drilling with hollow augers. You don’t need a drilling fluid here either. Are you interested in obtaining high-quality soil samples? Then the hollow auger method with our drilling equipment is ideal for you! In addition, with our B series you are able to set up groundwater measuring points, create pile foundations and use various systems for sampling.

Explosive ordnance probing

Our drilling rigs are also the right choice for explosive ordnance probing. With dry drilling you create space for ground probes at fixed intervals. They can examine the area for signs of ordnance. Experience has shown that most duds lie at depths of up to 6 m – easily accessible for our B series! In addition to the ADLER B 50 drilling rig, the smaller B 25 in particular has proven itself in explosive ordnance probing.

Screw foundations

With the powerful compact drilling rigs of the B series, you can easily and professionally anchor screw foundations in the smallest of spaces! Our ground screw drill rigs are extremely powerful. At the same time, they are so light and compact that you save a lot of effort, time and money when it comes to set-up costs.

Dry drilling method

ADLER offers you dry drilling equipment for the B series that makes this possible as well. With this method, the drill cuttings are conveyed by means of an auger.

Down-the-hole-hammer method

This drilling method enables you to drill your hole in hard soil, such as rock, granite and other rocks, using air and the associated down-the-hole hammer. ADLER offers you DTH hammer equipment for the B series. Combined with a powerful compressor you will achieve excellent drilling results.

Ground survey

The basis of your successful construction project is a subsoil investigation through samples and probing of the soil. Soil surveys give you information about the type of rock and the existing soil classes. Both small boreholes up to 15 m, cone penetration tests and statements on the storage density through surface dynamic probing are possible. Depending on the soil conditions and depth, use light or heavy ram probes for dynamic probing. With our B series, you can make a reliable statement about your construction project in many ways! The B series is the universal tool for preparing soil reports.

Special solutions

In addition to our powerful B-series drilling rigs, we also offer the manufacture of special solutions according to customer requirements. In direct cooperation with you, tailor-made solutions are individually developed. This allows us to sensibly adapt and supplement our standard products and offer completely different product solutions, such as the 3D piling rig.

Drill rigs

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