The Quality

All ADLER products meet maximum quality criteria.
As it is our aim that our products set the standards in excellence.


We only use the best materials for our products: thicker steel plates, bigger sweeper brushes, better tyres: Problem-free functions and sturdy design are more important to us than scrimping on material.


We at ADLER weld, bolt and join our products with high precision to ensure maximum durability. We protect key components with top-quality primer & powder coating in all the important places. A perfect finish that lasts for years!


The quality of ideas that goes into our products is also essential. We research which products our clients really need and develop them. In doing so, we use a modular approach, so that you can combine our products flexibly and adapt them to your individual requirements.

Technology maturity

From the outset, we develop our products to withstand conditions which go above and beyond standard situations. This means that our machines perform well even under the toughest conditions. We test our products thoroughly and even if they work perfectly, we continue to optimise and enhance them.


It goes without saying that we offer perfect service quality. When you experience our service, you’ll be convinced.

Thomas Schmiemann +49 (0) 2573 97999-10

Thomas Schmiemann

Executive Manager / Export

The strategist – has detailed product and market knowledge.

+49 2573 97999-10

ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen - Rainer Hackenfort ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen +49 (0) 2573 97999-20

Rainer Hackenfort

Executive Manager / Export

The lateral thinker – as an experienced banking economist, he organizes the commercial area.

+49 2573 97999-20

ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen - Markus Reckels +49 (0) 2573 97999-30

Markus Reckels


The developer – is valued for his reliable, high-quality work.

+49 2573 97999-30

Tobias Hackenfort Tobias Hackenfort Der Alleskönner – mit bester Erfahrung in den Bereichen Einkauf, Vertrieb und Konstruktion. +49 (0) 2573 97999-25

Tobias Hackenfort


The all-rounder – with experience in procurement, sales and construction.

+49 2573 97999-25

ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen - Stefan Ostendorf Der Flexible – Im Innen- und Außendienst zeigt er seine Stärke. +49 (0) 2573 97999-22

Stefan Ostendorf


The flexible his strengths lie both in the office and field services.

+49 2573 97999-22

Hendrik Fisch.

Hendrik Fisch

Sales Service

The plougher – is valued for his rapid processing and completion in Sales Service.

+49 2573 97999-23

Peter Richters Der Wildkrautspezialist – entwickelt Maschinen zur effektiven Wildkrautbekämpfung. +49 (0) 2573 97999-15

Peter Richters


The weed specialist – develops machines for effective weed control.

+49 (0) 2573 97999-15

Achim Weinkauf Achim Weinkauf Der Teilebeschaffer – versorgt Sie schnell und unkompliziert mit Ersatzteilen. +49 (0) 2573 97999-19

Achim Weinkauf

Spare Parts Sales

The parts procurer – will supply you with spare parts quickly and simply.

+49 2573 97999-19

Klaus Iker Klaus Iker Der Organisator – als Produktionsleiter sorgt er für einen reibungslosen Ablauf. +49 (0) 2573 97999-21

Klaus Iker

Production Management

The organiser – As the Production Manager, he makes sure production runs smoothly.

+49 2573 97999-21