Anbaugerät ADLER Heater 1000 / 1400 zur Wildkrautbekämpfung.
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Infrared heater for weed control as a mounted device

ADLER Heater 1000/1400

The holistic programme for paved areas, pavements, water-bound paths, cemetery maintenance and much more.
With the ADLER Infrared Heater you can destroy weeds in an environmentally friendly and non-toxic way.

How it works:
When an infrared heater is used as an attachment, infrared rays hit the weeds. This causes the protein-containing plant cells to burst. The plants wither within 2 to 3 days. Regular cultivation of the area and the associated destruction of the seeds over a large area significantly reduces the wild weeds and the regrowth is sustainably reduced. At the same time, this method is much gentler than conventional flaming devices.

ADLER Heater 1000 on the Kubota
Combustion chamber Spring-mounted and controlled by radio remote control.
ADLER Heater 1000.
Effect after 1 – 2 days.
Combustion chamber height adjustment indicator.
Heater 1400 rear attachment with hand burner.
Heater 1000 with hand burner and hose reel system.
Hose reel system with 15m hand torch.
Bumper rollers to protect the combustion chamber.
Lateral filler neck.
ADLER Heater 1000.
Hydraulic side shift.
Hydraulic side shift.

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Broschure ADLER Heater 1000 / 1400


  • Environmentally friendly weed destruction by infrared rays.
  • ADLER plug-and-play principle hardly any set-up times.
  • Efficient and inexpensive gas
  • Temperatures of approx. 800 – 900 °C no other media required for weed control (such as water, foam additives, etc.)
  • High-quality ceramic plates are used to generate the infrared radiation.
  • Thermal weed control with infrared rays is effective against both wild weeds and their seeds
  • Low gas consumption almost noiseless and very energy efficient
  • No open flame Devices can be used in many ways and on almost any surface right up to the edge
  • Infrared weed control is non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Destroys root system and seeds Regrowth is reduced
  • No herbicides ideal for surfaces, roads and water-bound paths


Holistic weed control for paved surfaces, sidewalks, water-bound paths, cemetery care… With the ADLER infrared heater you destroy weeds in a non-toxic and environmentally friendly way. No open flame! The devices can be used in a variety of ways and on almost any surface up to the edge.

Technical specifications

TypeADLER Heater 1000ADLER Heater 1400
Working widthmm1.0501.400
Dimensions (without mount)mmL 1.600 x B 1.127L 1.600 x B 1.462
Number of infrared emitters68
Radiated surfacemmL 740 x B 1.039L 740 x B 1.381
Weight (without gas or mount)kgca. 370ca. 490
Ignitionelektr. per Funkfernbedienungelektr. per Funkfernbedienung
Connections required Hydraulic1 x double-acting (for hydr. side shift)1 x double-acting (for hydr. side shift)
Connections required Electrical12 volt (1 x attachment device)12 volt (1 x attachment device)
Infrared emitter fuelLPG autogasLPG autogas
Gas consumptionkgabout 6about 8
Coverage per gas fillingh85l-Tank: app. 5 120l-Tank: app. 8150l-Tank: app. 8
Working speedkm/hup to 3up to 3
Noise exposure (without vehicle)dB
Area performance per hour2,000 – 3,0002,800 – 4,200

Note on gas installations

The gas systems of devices for thermal weed control must be checked regularly to ensure safe operation of the system.

The inspection of these systems must be carried out by a “person qualified to inspect” and is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the accident prevention regulation “Use of liquid gas” (DGUV 79)

The inspection interval for the ADLER Heater gas systems is 2 years.

ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG carries out the initial inspection in cooperation with Westfalen AG.

We also recommend Westfalen AG for the upcoming recurring inspections, as they have technicians and service partners working throughout Germany.

Westfalen AG
Industrieweg 43
48155 Münster
+49 251 695-539
Fax: +49 251 695-73539

Under the following link you will also find an online database of other inspectors for liquid gas systems (in German):

ADLER Heater 1000/1400

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