22. March 2016

ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen

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  • Salzstreuer Pick Up / Bordwandhalterung

    Salzstreueranbau PKW

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    Kabel war gestern! Smartphone Steuerung über Bluetooth

  • Salzstreuer-ST-E-03

    12-Volt Getriebemotor für den Streuteller

  • Salzstreuer-ST-E-01

  • Salzstreuer-ST-E-04

    Streuweiten bis zu 6 m, regelbar über Drehzahl und Dosierung

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Salt Spreader ST-E

Safety for winter roads!
Most municipalities transfer the obligation to clear and grit icy surfaces to house or property owners (officially called “winter road safety obligations”). Businesses must meet these obligations too.

Work is quickly completed with ADLER S-Series or V-Series Snow Blades and the ADLER ST-E Salt Spreader. They will help you to avoid accidents on adjoining roads, your driveways and your premises.

The ST-E Salt Spreader comes with a 120- or 200-litre tank made of plastic and a sturdy frame.

The tank features a special stirrer mechanism and a water-tight hinged cover. The electrical controls can be conveniently operated from the driver’s seat. The ST-E Salt Spreader is fitted with a powerful 12 volt drive motor for the spinner disc. The spread width is continuously adjustable from 1 m to 6 m.


  • 12 volt operation
    ideal for vehicles with little or no hydraulic power
  • central control unit
    convenient control from the driver’s seat
  • fitted with stirrer as standard
    no bridging
  • rotational speed is freely adjustable
    optimum dosage
  • spread width of up to 6 m
    even large areas can be de-iced quickly
  • PE salt hopper with fill level indicator
    hand guard and hinged lid (attached, so cannot be lost)
  • universal mounting system
    fits all standard carrier vehicles
  • completely made of stainless steel
    highly durable

Mounting options

  • Universal mounting system for fork lift trucks and farm and wheeled loaders – height adjustable
  • KAT I/II Three-Point Linkage
  • Hitch triangle
  • Pick-up