6. June 2017

ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen

Thermal weed control methods can be used on practically all surfaces and always work according to the same principle. The application of thermal energy to the surface of the plants destroys the cell structure of the vegetative fibre.

The water which is transported from the root to the leaf cells evaporates and makes the plant dry up after a short time already. Furthermore, proteins are denatured whereby vital processes such as photosynthesis are being interrupted. As a result the damaged plant material dies.

The ADLER Heaters use sophisticated infrared
technology and offer a number of advantages
compared to other methods.

  • Clear restriction of operating area
  • No noise exposure
  • Low gas consumption
  • Extremely short set-up times


  • Clear limitation of operating area
  • Plug and Play: Connect gas cylinder, light and get going
  • Compact dimensions for ease of transport
  • Practically noiseless operation
  • Flexible use in tight spaces (traffic islands, bus stops, etc.)
    thanks to single-axle design and swivel-mounted burner


Hand-held burner for difficult-to-access spots


Technical specifications

Working width mm 350 500
Dimensions in operating position mm L 1.500 x B 352 x H 800 – 1.300 L 1.500 x B 536 x H 800 – 1.300
Dimensions in transport position mm L 845 x B 352 x H 495 L 869 x B 536 x H 610
Number of infrared emitters 2 3
Ignition electrical electrical
Weight (without gas cylinder) kg 43 51
Thermal output kW 13 19,5
Infrared emitter fuel 11 kg- / 5 kg propane gas cylinder 11 kg- / 5 kg propane gas cylinder
Capacity per gas cylinder h 10 / 4,5 ca. 7 / ca. 4,5
Working speed km/h 1,0 – 1,5 1,0 – 1,5
Area performance m2/h up to 525 up to 800

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