Sweeper K 750

A clean sweep with ADLER
The ADLER K 750 sweeper will give you magic cleaning powers! The K 750 was developed for the toughest conditions and designed to be individually adjustable to your carrier vehicle. We offer suitable mounting systems with a sophisticated 3D levelling function for all standard wheeled loaders, telehandler load luggers, and tractors.

In the standard version, the K 750 comes with a wear-optimised, suspended sweeper roller which adjusts perfectly to all ground contours. The
roller diameter of 750 mm guarantees a long service life. As the hydraulic engine is fitted internally in all sweepers, you can avoid costly repairs that collisions may otherwise make necessary.

Further highlights include the high-quality heavy-duty swivel castor wheels, which enable the ADLER K 750 to ride over potholes, railway tracks and rough terrain without any difficulty. As optional extras, you can fit your machine with a large-capacity hopper, use side brushes to sweep curbs and gutters, or easily reduce dust levels during sweeping with the use of our water spray system.

Sweeper K 600

The ADLER K 600 offers you an ideal price-performance ratio. We’ve combined the brush diameter, the hopper capacity and the mounting options so that the K 600 has all that you need: outstanding cleaning results at a reasonable price.

The working widths ranging from 135 cm to 270 cm and the multi-functional intake system allow it to be optimally adjusted to your carrier vehicle. We’ve developed and tested every type of mounting system for you whether it’s on a tractor, farm loader, wheeled loader, forklift truck or telehandler load lugger.

Thanks to our modular system, you can also re-fit your ADLER K 600 at any time with a large range of accessories. These include a hopper with a shaker-mechanism, side brushes or a water spray system.

These allow you to enhance the sweeping performance, so that it meets your expectations perfectly.

Sweeping Scoop KS 750

The Sweeping Scoop ADLER KS 750: The ultimate street sweeper!

The KS 750 Sweeping Scoop demonstrates its true strengths when used under tough road construction conditions. The wide brush diameter ensures that the device powerfully sweeps right into groove joints, for example.

Fitted at an angle as standard, easily interchangeable cutting edges made of wear-resistant material and heavy-duty truncated domes ensure that the KS 750 Sweeping Scoop has a very long service life.

Robust, durable and versatile, the KS 750 is the ideal all-rounder for daily use under extreme conditions.

Sweeper K 560

The perfect cleaning solution for your municipality …

Clear streets and public places easily from dirt, fallen leaves or snow. The ADLER K 560 is the economical choice for municipal use, horticulture or landscape gardening and service providers in the property management sector. Thanks to its lightweight construction, this mechanically driven sweeper (which is also optionally available with hydraulic drive) is perfect for mounting on municipal tractors and small carrier vehicles.

The ADLER K 560’s equipment can be adapted to differing uses and requirements as necessary by choosing from our individual options. With a working width of 1.80 m and an area performance of over 14,000 m²/h, you’ll find your city’s streets look brand new when they have been cleaned with this lightweight sweeper.

The user-friendly handling is evident in the easy sweeper roller adjustment. The brush speed and direction as well as the transmission position can also be adjusted perfectly to your carrier vehicle, thus allowing greater flexibility. Whether you’re sweeping dust, litter or fallen leaves, the K 560 provides optimum performance. Thanks to the large angle of breakage in the machine frame, it’s also perfect for clearing snow – a great help all year round!