Walk-behind Sweeper HK 5.5 + HK 6.5

22. March 2016

ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen GmbH

  • HK-5.5-HK6.6-06

  • HK-5.5-HK6.6-01

    Handkehrmaschine mit Seitenkehrbesen

  • HK-5.5-HK6.6-04

    Honda-Motor GX 200

  • HK-5.5-HK6.6-03

    Die HK 5.5 im Einsatz – extrem wendig

  • HK-5.5-HK6.6-02

    Kehren mit Sammelbehälter

  • HK-5.5-HK6.6-05

    Handkehrmaschine mit Schneeräumschild

  • ADLER Kehrmaschine HK 5.5
  • ADLER Kehrmaschine HK 6 5

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Walk-behind Sweeper HK 5.5 + HK 6.5

For professional use!
With this walk-behind sweeper you have a powerful and versatile helper at your side.

A sweep width of 75 / 100 cm ensures that it has an area performance of up to 4,000 m² per hour. Used in combination with the practical hopper, you can sweep surfaces quickly and thoroughly.

Over the years, this sweeper has also proven itself to be a great help in winter: smaller amounts of snow can be quickly cleared with a snow sweeper roller while the easy-to-attach snow blade allows you to eliminate larger amounts of snow as well. In designing this sweeper, we have avoided using cold-sensitive Bowden cables and installed a high-quality rod steering system instead. This means our HK Series is always ready for use, even if the temperature drops below freezing.

The sweeper’s powder coating, robust construction and low maintenance hydraulic drive guarantee a long service life.


  • 75/100 cm working width
    covers up to 4,000 m2/h
  • hydraulic drive for driving and sweeping modes
    low-maintenance, very convenient; can be pushed with little effort
  • differential transmission as a standard feature
    extremely manoeuvrable
  • large drive wheels
    great results on rough terrain
  • steering with rods instead of Bowden cables
    robust and durable
  • continuously adjustable drive forwards/ backwards
    flexible, effective work processes


  • Hopper with support wheels
  • Hydraulic side brush
  • Snow blade with rubber edge
  • Snow chains
  • Sulky