18. April 2018

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  • Wildkrautbuerste-HW-5.5-01

    Wildkrautbürste mit einstellbarem Stützrad

  • Wildkrautbuerste-HW-5.5-02

    Unkraut? Kein Problem!

  • Wildkrautbuerste-HW-5.5-03

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Weed Brush HW 5.5

Say goodbye to those pesky weeds!
The ADLER Weed Brush makes controlling weeds an easy task. It’s ideal for gardening and landscape architecture, agricultural and municipal use and for service providers. This weed brush is also perfect for use in your own garden at home.

The specially designed weeding brush enables you to eliminate moss and wild grass from pathways, gutters and large surfaces.

In designing the weed brush, we have avoided the use of Bowden cables where possible and fitted it with a high-quality rod steering system.

The machine’s powder coating, robust construction and low-maintenance hydraulic drive guarantee a long service life.


  • hydraulic drive Weed Brush HW 5.5
    easy-to-use weed control
  • effective against wild grass and moss
    ideal for gardening, agriculture and municipal use
  • cleans paths and surfaces without pesticides
    environmentally friendly solution
  • steering with rods instead of Bowden cables
    less maintenance‑prone, very robust
  • clockwise / anti-clockwise sweeping as a standard feature
    flexible, easy to manoeuvre – ideal for sweeping or for shifting fodder in barns


  • Radial sweeper