18. April 2018

ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen

Say goodbye to those pesky weeds!

• Hydraulically driven Weed Brush for convenient weed clearing

• Conveniently adjustable 3D brush head

• Environmentally friendly cleaning of paths and surfaces without pesticides

• Clockwise / anti-clockwise sweeping as a standard feature

• Ideal for horticulture, agriculture and municipal use

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  • Wildkrautbuerste-HW-5.5-01

    Wildkrautbürste mit einstellbarem Stützrad

  • Wildkrautbuerste-HW-5.5-02

    Unkraut? Kein Problem!

  • Wildkrautbuerste-HW-5.5-03


• Universal brush (flat wire/wave-wire) – ecommended as standard for most places

• Steel wire rope (plaited) – excellent for surfaces with dense weed growth

• Flat wire brush – eminently suitable for removing mosses and smaller weeds

• Radial sweeper – effective for heavy and stubborn dirt with a working width of 70 cm

• Adjustable protective guard – against flying fragments, like dirt and little stones

Technical specifications

Brush diameter60 – 70 cm depending on bristles
Brush adjustmentvia spindle with crank lever
Direction of brush rotationrotates in both directions
Drive motorHonda GCV 160, 5.5 hp (4.0 kW)
Wheels480/4.00-8 tyres
Finishpowder coating
Emergency stop switchFeatured as standard
Support wheelFeatured as standard

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