15. June 2016

ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen

• High-performance, hydraulically driven weed brush with brush 800 mm in diameter

• Perfect for clearing large areas of weeds quickly

• Universal attachment for all standard carrier vehicles

• Available as a basic or professional machine with many hydraulic functions and radio remote control


  • W-Serie-Anbauwildkrautbürste-am-Avant

    W-Serie Anbauwildkrautbürste mit Funkfernbedieneinheit

  • P1330224

    W-Serie Anbauwildkrautbürste

  • Fernbedienung Wildkrautbürste

    Fernbedienung Wildkrautbürste

  • W-Serie-Anbauwildkrautbürste

    W-Serie Anbauwildkrautbürste

  • P1320468 (2)

    Hydraulisch angetrieben, mechanische Verstellung

  • P1330233

    W-Serie Anbauwildkrautbürste am Kubota

  • P1320628 (2)

    Flächenreinigung leicht gemacht

  • P1320555 (2)

    Höhenverstellbares Stützrad

  • P1320628

    Verschiedene Bürstenbesätze wählbar

  • P1320453 (2)

    Verstellungen auf Wunsch mechanisch

  • P1320607 (2)

    W-Serie Anbauwildkrautbürste

  • P1320680 (2)

    Verschiedene Bürstenbesätze wählbar

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  • Hydraulically adjustable swivel range
  • Hydraulically adjustable longitudinal and lateral inclination
  • 8-channel radio remote control 12 or 24 volts for fully hydraulic use of weed brush
  • Height-adjustable support wheel 200 mm x 80 mm
  • ¾” flow-control valve for hydraulic flow rates > 75 l/min.
  • Various brush attachments

Technical specifications

Equipment variants
based on the hydraulic connections available on the carrier vehicle

1 x double-acting
(snap-in function
1 x double-acting
+ electric
switch valve 12 V
2 x double-acting 4 x double-acting
or 1 x double-acting
with radio
remote control
              rotieren             rotieren             rotieren                    rotieren
                            X             schwenken             schwenken                    schwenken
                            X                           X                           X                    vertikal neigen
                            X                           X                           X                    horizontal neigen

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