22. March 2016

ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen

  • Anbau-Kehrmaschine K750 mit Kratzvorrichtung.

    Anbau-Kehrmaschine K750 mit Kratzvorrichtung.

  • Anbau-Kehrmaschine K750 mit Seitenkehrbesen Ø 750 mm.

    Seitenkehrbesen Ø 750 mm.

  • Großvolumiger Schmutzsammelbehälter der Anbau-Kehrmaschine K750 .

    Großvolumiger Schmutzsammelbehälter.

  • Anbau-Kehrmaschine K750 am Unimog.

    Kehrmaschine K750 am Unimog.

  • Anbau-Kehrmaschine K750 im Heckanbau.

    Kehrmaschine K750 im Heckanbau.

  • Anbau-Kehrmaschine K750 im Freikehrmodus.

    Kehrmaschine K750 im Freikehrmodus.

  • Serienmäßige Schwerlastrollen der Anbau-Kehrmaschine K750.

    Serienmäßig Schwerlastrollen Ø 400 x 100 mm

  • Anbau-Kehrmaschine K750: Frontanbau und Heckanbau möglich.

    Front- und Heckanbau möglich.

  • ADLER Kehrmaschine K 750 am CAT-Radlader
  • ADLER Kehrmaschine K 750
  • Kehrmaschinen: Vier Kratz-Bürsten im Kehrtest

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Sweeper K 750

A clean sweep with ADLER
The ADLER K 750 sweeper will give you magic cleaning powers! The K 750 was developed for the toughest conditions and designed to be individually adjustable to your carrier vehicle. We offer suitable mounting systems with a sophisticated 3D levelling function for all standard wheeled loaders, telehandler load luggers, and tractors.

In the standard version, the K 750 comes with a wear-optimised, suspended sweeper roller which adjusts perfectly to all ground contours. The
roller diameter of 750 mm guarantees a long service life. As the hydraulic engine is fitted internally in all sweepers, you can avoid costly repairs that collisions may otherwise make necessary.

Further highlights include the high-quality heavy-duty swivel castor wheels, which enable the ADLER K 750 to ride over potholes, railway tracks and rough terrain without any difficulty. As optional extras, you can fit your machine with a large-capacity hopper, use side brushes to sweep curbs and gutters, or easily reduce dust levels during sweeping with the use of our water spray system.


  • 750 mm brush diameter
    cleans powerfully with each rotation of the brush
  • 2 heavy-duty swivel castor wheels Ø 400 mm
    uneven terrain poses no problems
  • overrun protection as a standard feature
    protects your hydraulic drive
  • internal hydraulic motor
    the main core of the machine is optimally protected
  • suspended sweeper roller
    perfectly adjustable to ground contours
  • universal mounting system
    fits all standard carrier vehicles
  • in-house production
    optimum quality


  • Hydraulic swivel mechanism for flexible simple sweeping
  • Large capacity hopper with wear-resistant sweep edge and a heavy duty swivel castor wheel (400 mm x 100 mm)
  • The hopper comes with a hydraulic simple sweeping mode as a standard feature
  • Water spray system 240 l for dust control during sweeping
  • Side brushes for sweeping edges, perfect for sweeping gutters
  • Side-marker lights LED
  • Flow control valve 1″ for hydraulic fluid volumes greater 90 l/min.
  • Customised colour as per RAL colour chart (standard: RAL 2002)