22. March 2016

ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen

  • Schneeraeumschild-V-Serie-01

    V-Serie im Hofladeranbau

  • Schneeraeumschild-V-Serie-02

  • Schneeraeumschild-V-Serie-03

  • Schneeraeumschild-V-Serie-04

    Hofladeraufnahme mit Niveauausgleich und Abstellstütze

  • Schneeraeumschild-V-Serie-05

    Alle Räummöglichkeiten in V-, Y- und Diagonalstellun

  • Schneeraeumschild-V-Serie-06

    Alle Räummöglichkeiten in V-, Y- und Diagonalstellun

  • Schneeraeumschild-V-Serie-07

    Alle Räummöglichkeiten in V-, Y- und Diagonalstellung

  • Schneeraeumschild-V-Serie-08

  • ADLER Vario-Schneeräumschild V-Serie

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Snow Blade V-Series

The Snow ADLER for next winter
The ADLER V-Series Vario Snow Blade will help you to clear snow professionally in difficult situations next winter. The variable swivel positions (30°) to the right and left and in V- and Y-shape configurations will enable you to clear cycle paths, pathways, car parks and business premises easily and effectively.

We equip the V-Series with curb guards, anti-icing spring flaps and high-grade adjustable support wheels as standard.

The available, easily exchangeable mounting systems for local authority tractors and farm loaders enable you to use the V-Series snow blades in a variety of ways. The integrated levelling mechanism also ensures consistently effective clearance results.

If your vehicle does not feature a second dual-action control circuit, you can set the required snow blade positions using the optional electric switch valve.


  • up to 65/90 cm high and 135 – 270 cm wide
    suitable for all clearance tasks
  • two swivel folding wings
    provide three clearance positions
  • hydraulic side swivel
    positioned by two hydraulic cylinders
  • anti-icing spring flaps
    trouble-free handling in any conditions
  • curb guards
    protect the outer spring flaps
  • EPD primer and powder coating
    for optimum corrosion protection
  • adjustable support wheels
    perfectly adjustable to ground contours


  • Reinforced heavy-duty castor wheels
  • Electric switch valve for swivel operation
  • Side-marker lights LED
  • Holders for warning flags
  • Warning flags
  • Customised colour as per RAL colour chart (standard: RAL 2002)