20. June 2016

ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen

Show dirt what you've got!

Business before pleasure! Don’t forget about scraping after the job has been done! Debris and spillage on roads due to harvesting and other work in the fields pose a serious safety hazard. As the person responsible, you are legally required to take corrective action in such cases. The ADLER-Scraper Attachments KV-series offer an optimum
solution. The KV-series is ideal for use on bends, roads, lanes, paths and open spaces – any place where stubborn dirt from soils and clay earth makes it difficult to sweep.

With the KV-series, you’ll always achieve a clean end result no matter whether you mount the Scraper Attachment in front of your tractor or wheel loader, combine it with one of our sweepers or you scrape at the front and sweep at the rear while driving your tractor.

  • P1310469

    Kratzvorrichtung KV-Serie

  • P1310675

    von 1,35 - 3,30m

  • P1290690

    Kratzvorrichtung an Kehrmaschine möglich!

  • P1310478-e1466432886408

    Gehärtete Schürfleisten


    Kratzvorrichtung in V-Form Kombi mit Sammelbehälter

  • P1340999-1

    Auch für Kehrmaschine K 600 möglich

  • P1310697

    Pendelnd aufgehängte Schürfleisten

  • P1310713

    Höhenausgleich durch Radladeraufnahme Rollenschachtgeführt

  • P1310714

    Schrägstellung hydraulisch möglich

  • P1310695

    Löst hartnäckigen Dreck

  • P1310698

    ADLER Kratzvorrichtung KV-Serie

  • P1310508

    Optimale Anpassung durch Federzinken

  • P1310513

    Pendelnd aufgehängte Schürfleisten

  • Kehrmaschinen: Vier Kratz-Bürsten im Kehrtest


  • Frees persistent dirt
  • Versatile use
  • Wear resistant scraper bars
  • Suspended scraper bars


  • Hydraulic swivel for direct attachment
  • Mounting options for direct attachment:
    3-point hitch or universal attachment for wheel, telescopic and
    front loaders
  • 3rd support wheel for optimum floor guidance

Technical specifications

Attachment KV-series
Direct attachment for
tractors, wheel loaders
or other
carrier vehicles
nein nein nein ja ja ja ja ja
KV-series attached to
K 600 Sweeper without
– only possible in simple
sweeping mode
   ja   ja   ja   ja   ja   ja    ja   ja
KV-series attached to
K 750 Sweeper, on
option with hopper
    nein   nein   nein  ja   ja   ja   ja  ja

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