12. November 2017

ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen

The ADLER for huge surface performance!!

The K 950 from ADLER is one of Europe’s largest sweepers. With a brush diameter of almost one metre, rotational speeds are generated which even under the most extreme conditions – as, for example, use in quarrying – ensure clean results for your operation. Thanks to its 46 cm large heavy-duty swivel castors, the ADLER K 950 also masters rough terrain problem-free.

The highly comfortable control of all its hydraulic and electric functions from the cabin will inspire you. For example, you can use the series hydraulic swivel or simply only fold the side brush down and switch it on. A heavy-duty hydraulic package, incl. oil flow control valve 11/4″ and back-pressure valve against overtravel will fully secure your
machine up to an hydraulic flow rate of 400 l/min.


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  • Huge surface performance due to the combination of 950 mm brush diameter and a working width of up to 390 cm
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic package: incl. oil flow control valve 11/4″ and back-pressure valve against overtravel, up to a hydraulic flow rate of 400 l/min
  • Large support wheels Ø 460 x 125 mm (solid rubber)
  • Short attachment due to intelligent mounting system with 3D compensation and integrated hydraulic swivel
  • Suspended brush: Top sweeping results, long brush service life
  • Made in Germany


  • High-volume dirt collection hopper with two integrated heavy-duty
    wheels (Ø 460 x 125 mm) including electrically switchable
    simple sweeping mode and wear-resistant sweeping lip
  • Hydraulic foldable and connectible side brush, Ø 900 mm
    (can be used on the left- or right-hand side)
  • Splash guard specially developed for the wide working width (adjustable)
  • Third support wheel – advantageous for independent sweeping
  • Side marker lights, LED (12/24 volt) and/or warning flags
  • Customised colour according to RAL colour chart (standard: RAL 2002)

Technical specifications

ADLER-Sweeper K 950 300 330 360 390
Working width straight/angle (cm) 300/275 330/304 360/334 390/363
Total width (cm) 327 357 386 416
Bürstendurchmesser (mm) 950
Required hydraulic pressure & volume 160 bar / >65 l/min
Weight, including mount/hopper (kg) 2010/2660 2055/2725 2100/2790 2150/2860
Hopper capacity (litres) 1.100 1.210 1.320 1.425
Area performance (m²/h) 24.000 26.400 28.800 31.000
For carrier vehicles with operating weight (t)  12 +  12 +  15 +  15 +

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