17. February 2016

ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen

  • Kegelspalter-SP-Serie-01

    Kegelspalter für den Baggeranbau

  • Kegelspalter-SP-Serie-04

    Zieht sich selbständig in jedes Holz ein

  • Kegelspalter-SP-Serie-02

    Hohe Wirtschaftlichkeit

  • Kegelspalter-SP-Serie-03

    Effektives Arbeiten selbst bei kleineren Trägermaschinen

  • Kegelspalter-SP-Serie-05

    Spalten und Stapeln in einem Arbeitsgang

  • Kegelspalter-SP-Serie-06

    Spalten wie der Profi

  • Produktvideo Kegelspalter E100

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Cone Splitter SP-Serie

To the point: how you cut bulky timber into pieces.

You can split tree roots, chop firewood or produce fencing posts. You can even move stacks of timber and split wood easily in a single work process. ADLER E Series Cone Splitters allow you to complete such heavy work effortlessly without straining your back. The ADLER cone splitter series features high-performance orbital motors and an additional front bearing with grease lubrication. The machine is operated using a single-action or dual-action hydraulic control circuit.

The Cone Splitters are mounted directly using the quick hitch mechanism or attached with bolts.

The splitting cone is made of tempered steel and features a double-start buttress thread which penetrates each piece of wood of its own accord. This produces a powerful splitting effect which provides excellent results, even on carrier vehicles with low hydraulic power.


  • Compact design for easy transportation
  • Splitting cone made of tempered steel almost indestructible, even under the toughest conditions
  • With double-start buttress thread penetrates each piece of wood of its own accord
  • Highly efficient effective work process even for small carrier vehicles
  • Practical stacking function for repacking and splitting
  • Versatile in use with interchangeable attachment as an auger or cone splitter


  • Flange for auger drills, including swing function

Technical specifications

ADLER Cone Splitters SP 100 SP 130 SP 165 SP 200
Drive Hydraulic
Required hydraulic pressure
& volume
180 bar / >30 l/min 180 bar / >50 l/min 180 bar / >60 l/min 180 bar / >80 l/min
Torque (daNm) 100 130 165 200
Pressure relief valve Featured as standard
Splitting attachment
Ø/length (mm)
135 / 285 135 / 285 160 / 340 160 / 340
Splitting capacity
(depending on wood type)
1 m to about 3 m in length
Ø to 0,6 m
1 m to about 4 m in length
Ø to 0,8 m
1 m to about 4 m in length
Ø to 1,0 m
1 m to about 5 m in length
Ø to 1,0 m
Weight (kg) 121 126 137 142