22. March 2016

ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen

  • Erdbohrer-E-Serie-01

    Erdbohrer im Einsatz

  • Erdbohrer-E-Serie-02

  • Erdbohrer-E-Serie-04

    Kreuzgelenk serienmäßig!

  • Erdbohrer-E-Serie-06

  • Erdbohrer-E-Serie-03

    Das Sortiment – passend für jedes Trägerfahrzeug

  • Erdbohrer-E-Serie-05

    Heavy-Duty-Bohrschnecken und -spitzen auf Kundenwunsch erhältlich

  • ADLER Erdbohrer E-Serie

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Augers E Series

Powerful performance! The auger range for every carrier vehicle.
The ADLER Auger series is equipped with powerful orbital engines, which are protected by a sturdy enclosure. The machine is operated using a single-action or dual-action hydraulic control circuit.

Drilling machines are mounted directly using the quick hitch mechanism or forklift forks on farm loaders or smaller wheeled loaders.

In the case of mini-excavators, the quick hitch coupler or a bolt attachment are used to mount attachments.

The universal joint in the auger mount ensures that drilling is always vertical no matter how the carrier vehicle is positioned on the ground.

The auger drills are equipped with exchangeable heads and blades suitable for light to medium soils. The augers are also easy to change using a bolt fixing mechanism.

You can also work with medium and heavy soils quickly and effectively using our heavy duty auger blades and heads.


  • compact design
    for easy transportation
  • low total height
    can be used anywhere
  • high level of efficiency
    effective work processes
  • maintenance-free usage
    highly cost-effective
  • sturdy design
    almost indestructible, even under the toughest conditions