22. March 2016

ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen

Thermal weed control methods can be used on practically all surfaces and always work according to the same principle. The application of thermal energy to the surface of the plants destroys the cell structure of the vegetative fibre.

The water which is transported from the root to the leaf cells evaporates and makes the plant dry up after a short time already. Furthermore, proteins are denatured whereby vital processes such as photosynthesis are being interrupted. As a result the damaged plant material dies.

The ADLER Heaters use sophisticated infrared
technology and offer a number of advantages
compared to other methods.

  • Clear restriction of operating area
  • No noise exposure
  • Low gas consumption
  • Extremely short set-up times

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  • Silent, thermal weed control using infrared light and electric drive
  • Low gas consumption and low CO2 emissions
  • No sweeping action and no damage to the ground
  • Suitable for water-bound pathways and surfaces


Hand-held burner for difficult-to-access spots

Technical specifications

Modell   ADLER-Heater 500 E
ADLER-Heater 750 E
Working width mm 500 750
Basic device dimensions mm L 1.495 x B 532 x H 829 L 1.495 x B 703 x H 829
Number of infrared emitters   3 4
Weight (without gas cylinder
or hand-held burner)
kg 108 128
Ignition   electrical
Drive   electrical
Battery power supply Ah 17
Battery capacity h  2 – 5 2 – 4
Infrared emitter fuel   11 kg-propane gas cylinder
Gas consumption  kg up to 2.3 up to 3.0
Capacity per gas cylinder  h app. 5 app. 3.5
Working speed  km/h  up to 2
Noise exposure  dB  < 40
Area performance per hour  up to 1.000 up to 1.500
Overall cost/m €
– including 4-year depreciation
– 5 hours/day
– 100 days/year
 €  0,02

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